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2024 Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals are now open for the 2024 season!
Head to this site:

Your membership fees includes entry to all aggregate events, single fin entry and member updates (and a 2.35% transaction fee).  Please contact us if you require a membership payment plan.

Memberships MUST be paid prior to competing in an event.

Memberships 2024:
JUNIOR: $130.00 (parent/guardian are requested to join as a social member for $20.00)
SENIOR: $160.00
FAMILY:  $235 (2-3 competing members, and 1-5 social members), $285 (4 competing members, and 1-5 social members) and $335 (5 competing members, and 1-5 social members)
OPEN SOCIAL: $60 (Access to Social Aggs + Single Fin)
SOCIAL: $20.00

Step by step instructions are available HERE  (says 2023 but still relevant) if you need help renewing your membership.

If you have any questions, please email us