With guidance from Surfing Victoria, this Covid-19 Risk prevention document is designed to outline key strategies to minimize the possible spread of Covid-19 at Torquay Boardriders Club events.  Best practice for risk mitigation will be assessed for each event, with help toward the decision-making process via Surfing Victoria, whilst restrictions are enforced.


TBC Pre event:

  • Adhere to the Surfing Victoria Boardriders Covid-19 Risk Prevention Strategy (available from Surfing Victoria)
  • Adhering to latest government restrictions.
  • Ensure public event registration is submitted.
  • Appointment of Covid-19 safety officer.
  • Generate a Covid Check-in register for each event. All event participants, personal & bystanders to check-in.
  • Liaise with all event stakeholders on restrictions and guidelines.
  • TBC Officials to complete Covid-19 infection control short course via https://www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-and-tools/covid-19-infection-control-training
  • Communication to all competitors on how the competition will take place and Boardrider Club event guidelines.
  • Event Manager to ensure all officials working event are well and healthy to do so. All Officials who feel unwell before the event or during are to alert the Event Manager as soon as possible.
  • Boardrider Club to have pre event briefs regarding Covid-19 and the restrictions in place. Must be able to recognise early symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Minimal Officials – Minimise people onsite and in the operations tents. Judges and commentators help set up or pack up.
  • Go through the Covid risk management plan (below)
  • Minimize or reduce car-pooling.


TBC Event Operations:

  • Limit access to event Operations tents- Only those who need to be working in the Operations tents at the time should have access. This will be communicated pre-event to all members.
  • Masks need to be worn in line with Vic Government guidelines.
  • Communication Posters with best practice displayed throughout event site
  • Social distancing.
  • Competitors to arrive one heat prior to their heat. They must leave within than 20 minutes after their heat. This will be communicated pre-event.
  • Competitors must put their own rash shirts into a wetsuit bucket of water and detergent/sanitizer, rinse it out in a separate bucket and hang them up at the Beach Marshall.
  • Judges to sanitize Ipad screen after use when finished after rostered heats.
  • Judges and officials to sit 1.5m away from each other.
  • Commentators use separate microphones.
  • Hand sanitizer at the Beach Marshal.
  • Victorian Gov’t health signs put up in specific locations. (reminding good hand wash technique, social distancing, face masks)
  • No planned functions or out of competition gatherings.
  • Competitors must provide their own sunscreen, wax and equipment.
  • Officials will be designated specific roles to minimize multiple people handling the same equipment.
  • Consistent beach announcements on event regulations re social distancing, hygiene etc.
  • Disinfect/ clean iPads, computers, hooter systems at the end of the event.

TBC Post event:

  • Check in with all members.
  • Refer to TBC strategy if staff report back sick.
  • Wash all rash shirts properly.
  • TBC to review what worked well and re-evaluate procedures for the next event


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