We have a massive committee this year to help run the club. All members of the committee are doing the job voluntarily and they put in a lot of effort to make things run as smoothly as possible.


President – Cahill Bell-Warren

Vice President – Harry Mann

Treasurer – Peter Mann

Secretary – Carmen Clifford

PR / Communications – Sam Griffiths

Social Secretary – Emma Jackman

Senior Contest Director – Jordy Gibson

Vice Senior Contest Director – Tom Wright

Junior Contest Director – Chris Huxtable

Vice Junior Contest Director – Marcus Huppatz

Team Manager – Nichol Wylie

Risk Officer – Elliott Mann

Life Member Representative – Andrew Flitton

Senior Equipment Officer – Peter Mann

Junior Equipment Officer – Nick Filer

Junior Sub Committee –
Kylie Reid
Emma Jackman
Angie Reiter
Christophe Bouvier

Hells Bells Directors –
Nichol Wylie
Sam Griffiths
Tom Wright
Cahill Bell-Warren

General Committee
Mac Fox
Cody Robinson
Tully Wylie
Xavier Huxtable
Ross Dart
Tom Edgar

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